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As the holidays approach, consider the power of your story and the multitude of lives it may touch. Your words could be the gift that keeps on giving, inspiring sobriety, hope, and change long after the festive lights have dimmed. The support of a strong, inspiring community is often essential to an successful addiction treatment recovery. I have the wonderful privilege of interacting with lively support groups every day, and I continue to be in awe of just how eager everyone is to lend a helping hand and share their stories. Whether the recovering addict has a day or ten years under their sobriety belt, they are still deeply appreciated and cheered on.

sober success stories

Your recovery story starts today.

  • Historically, the Florida Everglades and the Big Cypress ecosystems supported large breeding colonies.
  • I had a lot of situations that I needed to make right.
  • There are times, when life is hard, when I want to drink so I’ll never call myself a recovered alcoholic.
  • At the appropriate time, with the guidance of my sponsor, I was able to make amends to everyone I had harmed, including myself.
  • I had to dig deep and take each day as it came – some were easy, some were tough, but I just knew there was no turning back.
  • I had a miscarriage, I was so out of touch I didn’t even know that I was pregnant.
  • In the fall of 2018, Hunter Biden moved back to the East Coast after months of despairing drug abuse in California.

However, I had few friends, and none of the friends I had drank as I did. I began to drink at home, frequently wondering the next morning how there could be so many empty beer cans on the counter. During residency, we had the first of four children. My son, I thought, would solve our problems and bring us closer. Visit the Voices of Hope project at valleyhope.org/recovery/recovery-stories to explore recovery stories, addiction information and treatment resources. Valley Hope’s blog provides extensive resources and information for loved ones, families and the recovery community.

  • I had no idea that my life was going to have all of this meaning.
  • Resultantly, Bill learned to love himself and to love life.
  • Because a lot of people think we just kind of hide, like you get sober and then you’re just detached from the rest of the world.
  • « Today I’m a homeowner, I own a car, I started my own business. »
  • Lena Felton is the senior director of features and special content at POPSUGAR, where she oversees feature stories, special projects, and our identity content.
  • That fall, the afternoon before my first evening jazz band rehearsal, I distinctly remember my first drunk — on Orange Tango.
  • They supported me through my entire journey.

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Prior to getting sober, I was kind of just lost. I knew I wanted to do things and I would start to do things, but there was never any follow-through. Because I would start something, get taken over by the disease, and then abandon it. I got into the college I wanted to and then dropped out. I got a job I really wanted and then I got fired. So when I got sober, it gave me self-esteem, it gave me worth, it gave me a purpose.

The Sober School

In the context of recovery, it becomes a powerful tool for healing, connection, and advocacy. By sharing your journey, you transcend personal victory; you contribute to a collective story of recovery that can inspire sober success stories and influence countless others. I would tell my wife that something wasn’t right and stop drinking for a month or two. I even had one stretch of sobriety that lasted 14 months; I felt I’d taken care of the problem.

Trust: How Surgeons Kept What Health Care Lost

  • I did a little more “research” as they say, which included failed attempts to control it and visits to psychiatrists and counselors without the use of the 12 Steps.
  • Caring less about yourself and caring more about helping others.
  • I have stayed sober since attending that meeting.
  • I was very lucky in some ways that it was Dry January.
  • I look back and am amazed at how long I was OK with settling for that life.
  • And thank god I have this foundation and structure that’s keeping me afloat.

I couldn’t sleep without passing out into unconsciousness — which was now happening early in the evening — only to awaken in the same state of withdrawal again. I managed to crawl in the dark to huddle over the commode. I rationalized that the vomiting might be due to food poisoning.

Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction by Elizabeth Vargas

sober success stories

I never knew what I wanted, so how would I have known what to ask for? I can walk away from situations now knowing I am able to express myself and not wishing I had the strength to have said or done something. Sometimes I don’t have strength in a moment but I recognize that if I continue to behave the way I had, then nothing’s going to change. And I didn’t stop drinking to act the same way I was when I was drinking. I realize that I don’t give myself enough credit.

  • Here Kate shares her experiences of drinking alcohol in midlife and how this affected her during her menopause.
  • And, I never lost a job or a man or gotten a DUI or had health issues or financial woes.
  • The ensuing year I tried many times, unsuccessfully, to curb my drinking.
  • Like too many people, substance use disorder had taken over Gina’s life – that is, until one day when she found the inner strength to ask for help.

Choose Recovery Over Addiction

sober success stories

Previously, she was an editor at The Washington Post, where she led a team covering issues of gender and identity. While in Valley Hope, I began to get some peace back, get back into a daily routine. When it was announced that Carol was my counselor, there was a “ohhhhhh” sound all fell over the room. I sat down in front of her and she said, “I can see from your test results that you’re manipulative and self-centered.” To which I replied, “Yes, of course, I am. There’s an adage that we heal ourselves by helping others.